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Cummins Automotive Engine

Cummins as the only global enterprise with all the key subsystems of the engine, the main direction of Cummins engine research and development is to meet the increasingly stringent engine exhaust emission standards and customer requirements for the overall performance and reliability of the engine by improving system integration capabilities. The engine’s five key systems, namely the in-cylinder combustion optimization system, the fuel injection system (Cummins fuel system), the intake air handling system (Cummins turbocharging technology system), the electronic control system, the filtration and post-discharge treatment system (Cummins filter System and Cummins emissions disposal system).

In the field of automotive engines, Cummins’s unique advantage is to be able to meet the two major European and American emissions system, relying on strong technical strength and R & D resources, according to different emission standards, select the most appropriate technology solutions.

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