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Cummins O-ring engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB /NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
Cummins O-ring 2830409 Cummins O-ring C3928624
Cummins O-ring 3066211 Cummins O-ring C3929457
Cummins O-ring 3075658 Cummins O-ring C3930911
Cummins O-ring 3090126 Cummins O-ring C3931824
Cummins O-ring 3682177 Cummins O-ring C3940386
Cummins O-ring 3882589 Cummins DCEC O-ring C3960399
Cummins O-ring 3899283 Cummins DCEC O-ring C3969698
Cummins O-ring 3910260 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4093793
Cummins O-ring 3929457 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4895710
Cummins O-ring 3969698 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4898372
Cummins O-ring 4895710 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4903514
Cummins O-ring 4934085 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4966084
Cummins O-ring A3037236 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4974852
Cummins O-ring A3883284 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4974926
Cummins O-ring A3910260 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4974927
Cummins O-ring A3910824 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4993034
Cummins O-ring A3913845 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4993058
Cummins O-ring A3913994 Cummins DCEC O-ring C4993191
Cummins O-ring A3918952 Cummins DCEC O-ring Z3900058
Cummins O-ring A3960326 Cummins DCEC O-ring Z3900405
Cummins O-ring A3960399 Cummins DCEC O-ring Z3900439
Cummins O-ring C145530 Cummins O-ring 3655315-20
Cummins O-ring C145558 Cummins O-ring 4914443-20
Cummins O-ring C145582 Cummins O-ring 4914516-20
Cummins O-ring C2830409 Cummins Thermostat Seal 186780-20
Cummins O-ring C3035026 Cummins Injector Nose Seal 207244-20
Cummins O-ring C3035027 Cummins Seal Ring 3001301-20
Cummins O-ring C3037236 Cummins Block Sealing Ring 3054948-20
Cummins O-ring C3042544 Cummins Ring,Liner Seal 3088298-20
Cummins O-ring C3046201 Cummins Washer,Plain 3328328-20
Cummins O-ring C3089240 Cummins Seal Ring 4061406-20
Cummins O-ring C3090126 Cummins NT Ring,Sea water pump 4914510-20
Cummins O-ring C3099655 Cummins K Ring,Sea water pump 4914513-20
Cummins O-ring C3201562 Cummins Gear Cover Gasket 4920751-20
Cummins O-ring C3678606 Cummins Seal, Dust 3628894
Cummins O-ring C3678756 Cummins Seal,O Ring 4992560F
Cummins O-ring C3678786 Cummins Seal,O Ring 4991149F
Cummins O-ring C3678912 Cummins Seal,Rectangular Ring 5254215F
Cummins O-ring C3678925 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5257072F
Cummins O-ring C3682177 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5265277F
Cummins O-ring C3818885 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5265284F
Cummins O-ring C3862669 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5266796F
Cummins O-ring C3864202 Cummins Seal,O Ring 145536F
Cummins O-ring C3867646 Cummins Seal,O Ring 4944374F
Cummins O-ring C3882589 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3090126F
Cummins O-ring C3883284 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5261587F
Cummins O-ring C3899283 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3922794F
Cummins O-ring C3902089 Cummins Seal,O Ring 4062328F
Cummins O-ring C3903546 Cummins Seal,O Ring 2830977F
Cummins O-ring C3903846 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3029820F
Cummins O-ring C3906285 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3678603F
Cummins O-ring C3910260 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3867646F
Cummins O-ring C3910824 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3910260F
Cummins O-ring C3913845 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3947269F
Cummins O-ring C3913994 Cummins Seal,O Ring 3947270F
Cummins O-ring C3916284 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5259563F
Cummins O-ring C3918952 Cummins Seal,O Ring 4934749F
Cummins O-ring C3926047 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5259560F
Cummins O-ring C3926048 Cummins Seal,O Ring 5259924F

The above Cummins O-ring engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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