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Cummins tube clamp engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

  • Specifications

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Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
Cummins tube clamp 68425 Cummins tube clamp C4899288
Cummins tube clamp 69465 Cummins tube clamp C4899743
Cummins tube clamp 107460 Cummins tube clamp C4928975
Cummins tube clamp 140312 Cummins tube clamp C4932211
Cummins tube clamp 3033033 Cummins tube clamp C4933726
Cummins tube clamp 3915082 Cummins tube clamp C4935907
Cummins tube clamp 3920719 Cummins tube clamp C4935908
Cummins tube clamp 3923527 Cummins tube clamp C4935909
Cummins tube clamp 3925089 Cummins tube clamp C4935910
Cummins tube clamp 3928989 Cummins tube clamp C4935911
Cummins tube clamp 3937613 Cummins tube clamp C4935912
Cummins tube clamp 3954778 Cummins tube clamp C4935913
Cummins tube clamp 3965222 Cummins tube clamp C4936280
Cummins tube clamp 4019743 Cummins tube clamp C4937859
Cummins tube clamp 4899743 Cummins tube clamp C4940554
Cummins tube clamp 4932211 Cummins tube clamp C4943758
Cummins tube clamp 43828 A Cummins tube clamp C4960209
Cummins tube clamp 68152 B Cummins tube clamp C4975225
Cummins tube clamp A3960898 Cummins tube clamp C4982176
Cummins tube clamp C107460 Cummins tube clamp C4999824
Cummins tube clamp C202888 Cummins tube clamp C5266200
Cummins tube clamp C209773 Cummins tube clamp C5267680
Cummins tube clamp C210753 Cummins tube clamp C68152
Cummins tube clamp C3008690 Cummins tube clamp C68152 A
Cummins tube clamp C3018309 Cummins tube clamp C68152 B
Cummins tube clamp C3082570 Cummins tube clamp C68189
Cummins tube clamp C3100250 Cummins tube clamp C70622
Cummins tube clamp C3282059 Cummins tube clamp D3914420
Cummins tube clamp C3287272 Cummins tube clamp D3920719
Cummins tube clamp C3412320 Cummins tube clamp D3923527
Cummins tube clamp C3415555 Cummins tube clamp D3937613
Cummins tube clamp C3415557 Cummins tube clamp L588
Cummins tube clamp C3415558 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 7614-20
Cummins tube clamp C3609967 Cummins hose clamp 43828 A-20
Cummins tube clamp C3629452 Cummins hose clamp 43828 B-20
Cummins tube clamp C3820672 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 43828 D-20
Cummins tube clamp C3863924 Cummins hose clamp 43828 E-20
Cummins tube clamp C3864217 Cummins hose clamp 43828-20
Cummins tube clamp C3907741 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 68152 A-20
Cummins tube clamp C3910509 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 152767-20
Cummins tube clamp C3914420 Cummins hose clamp 179904-20
Cummins tube clamp C3914711 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 200064-20
Cummins tube clamp C3915082 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 214617-20
Cummins tube clamp C3920348 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 215218-20
Cummins tube clamp C3922842 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 3002350-20
Cummins tube clamp C3925089 Cummins CCEC Tube clamp 3047361-20
Cummins tube clamp C3943520 Cummins hose clamp 3056787-20
Cummins tube clamp C3957508 Cummins Tube clamp 3073750-20
Cummins tube clamp C3960692 Cummins Tube clamp 3090171-20
Cummins tube clamp C3960898 Cummins Tube clamp 3278053-20
Cummins tube clamp C3965222 Cummins Tube clamp 3866619-20
Cummins tube clamp C3965818 Cummins Tube clamp 3866640-20
Cummins tube clamp C3970382 Cummins Tube clamp 3895612-20
Cummins tube clamp C3971122 Cummins Tube clamp 4019751-20
Cummins tube clamp C4009780 Cummins Tube clamp 4061106-20
Cummins tube clamp C4101506 Cummins Tube clamp 4913764-20
Cummins tube clamp C43828 A Cummins CLAMP,TUBE 3965818F

The above Cummins tube clamp engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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