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How to identify genuine Dongfeng Cummins parts

六月 14, 2017

Dear Dongfeng Cummins loyal customers , you may have the experience of unrecognized situation of genuine parts. Today , we Energie Power will teach you how to quickly identify Cummins genuine parts by parts package , helping you to purchase Cummins genuine spare parts to much better protect your own interests.

Dongfeng Cummins Parts Packaging elements:For the most common package , Cummins package must contain the following provisions


  • logo of Dongfeng and Cummins



  • Manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd
  • Security labels
  • Adress:High-tech Industrial Development Zone,Xiangyang,Hubei Province, China

Hotline: 400-880-911

Dongfeng Cummins package forms:

Dongfeng Cummins package forms: wooden and corrugated boxes , internal moisture-proof , rust-proof plastic bags.


Dongfeng Cummins package materiel and color:

1.Wooden packaging is light walnut plywood , boxes printed on the front Dongfeng Cummins Logo, manufacturers and companies address,  the text color is black ; the part serial number written on the box side ( handwriting ) , packaging with moisture-proof inner parts , anti- rust plastic bags and parts certificate, use rust-proof bag sealing tape printed seal trademarks.

2.Corrugated packaging is white , shading from the left side to the right side , take a 45-degree angle combinations DCEC printed logo, color is light blue ; box printed on the front Dongfeng Cummins, manufacturers and companies address as text color black; inner parts packaging with moisture-proof , rust-proof plastic bags and marked with the number of parts , certificate, use rust-proof bag sealing machine sealing stapler

The logo of Dongfeng Cummins spare parts package:

Cummins genuine security label must be attached to the parts with special packaging

Make good use of spare parts security labels to protect their own interests

When you purchase parts , look for the security label on the packaging Cummins parts , and through the following ways , verify the authenticity of products.

1, Observe the security label of Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging

2,Smartphone dimensional code scanner to help you identify the authenticity , content scanning and anti-counterfeiting label content out on exactly the same

3.If you can not confirm the authenticity , call toll-free inquiry telephone 400-880-9119 , reported the results of your scan to verify the authenticity.

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