Use the data to tell you, the real fuel-saving how to achieve?

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Use the data to tell you, the real fuel-saving how to achieve?

五月 24, 2016

Today, AUTS has brought us to share the fuel-saving scientific analysis results! The test analysis of vehicles for the Zhangye – Chengdu – Chongqing – Guiyang green logistics, specialized transport of fresh milk, trailer for milk special, the total weight of 51 tons of goods, the whole high-speed travel. Gan G2 **** vehicle fuel consumption of 33.78L / 100km, as of the current test, the vehicle mileage of 12 million kilometers.
Dongfeng Cummins this particular choice of high altitude and hilly conditions mainly for the transport routes for fuel consumption analysis, once again comprehensive and intuitive for everyone depth “anatomy” is how low fuel consumption “refining” out of!

Tianlong flagship match Dongfeng Cummins ISZ480 engine

Vehicle Information

Road traffic

The maximum elevation of the entire section of the gap is 2700m, hilly conditions mainly

 Operational Data Analysis

No haste to accelerate, brakes and other rough driving, more use of hilly areas to fuel-efficient glide

Let AUTS use data to speak. The test section of the highest elevation of 2700m, road conditions to hilly conditions; the main use of gear; speed concentrated in the 70 ~ 90km / h, more than 90km / h accounted for very little; throttle opening control is very Good, so that vehicles make full use of hilly glide; economic speed range, speed control and shift operation is good; drivers without haste acceleration, sudden braking and other rough driving behavior, more use of road sections to save fuel consumption glide.

AUTS small Fuel – saving recommendations

According to the above scientific data analysis, AUTS come to the following conclusions: card faithful control speed as far as possible not more than 90km / h; in case of mountain road can be rational use of hillside slope and downhill slide; reduce shift speed, try to control At about 1300 rpm shift; when the long downhill when the engine brake. Hope that the above summary can help the majority of card faithful fuel consumption, reduce costs, enhance the effectiveness of everyone!

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